Midnight Brunch (Casa Dracula Series, Book 2)

Midnight Brunch - Marta Acosta I have said it before that PNR is seldom a genre that makes me really like a book, but to every rule there are exceptions. And Acosta is one of those. Her funny PNR books are just the best.Milagro is still having trouble with her new family. The whole "we are not vampires, we have a genetic disorder" also still throws her for a loop. But as always Milagro is fun, quirky and a great heroine. I truly like her. I can't say the same for her boyfriend. Sure Oswald is nice and all but I do not have any particular feelings for him and I do wish he would stand up more for her. Especially when she met his wasp parents who does not think she is good enough. But who cares cos there is Ian. Oh he is delicious! I love him to pieces since he is all dark and mysterious and gives her gifts. Oh please Milagro run away with him! But no she likes her boyfriend. At least it gives us some great tension.This book then, well she feels excluded again since they do not want her in on their secrets. And someone wants her dead. Quite a few things will happen. There will be danger, new things to get under control and fun flirting.All in all this is a great paranormal romance that I would recommend to everyone. Fun and light, just the way I want it.