Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson Series #3)

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson Series #3) - This book is about a murder, and we get a closer look at the fairies hiding behind their walls. It also deals with Mercy and her two men, Adam or Samuel. Who is to be. I just love them both, but her not choosing disrupts everything.I really should have written this review at once, but instead I did not. Why, well one thing is that I needed some time. The book just made me so sad, and it did make me cry. My heart felt for poor Mercy.Mercy is one tough woman, but here she suffers through something that breaks here. I knew it would happen and when it did, well it was the aftermath that broke me in turn.The book is well-written and she deals with the pain in a convincing manner. When the book ends I want to go and read book 4 to see how Mercy will handle it all.A great book. Books do not often make me cry, and I never expected an UF to do so but it did. This book deals with some heavy issues.