Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling Series #5)

Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh This is the reason why I should write reviews at once, this one was left behind not to mention that I started and finished it over some weeks since I had that crazy library loot.But ok, here we have another psy and changeling falling in love. But this one was different because Ashaya was not like other Psy and therefore it worked better for me. Ashaya wants to save her kid, Dorian helps her, people hunt her, he lusts after her, and she is troubled. In this book another bad guy shows up, a human alliance that wants to take over and sure the Psy sucks but this new alliance is rotten.What did I get from this book, well there is this rat shifter called Treyan or something, and the freaky thing is that I'd like to see more from him..a rat shifter, I must be crazy. But he sounds cool, the rats are so sneaky and great spies.I liked Dorian, and here he finally gets saved or looses it since he is really angry with the Psy after his sister getting murdered. So of course he will fall for a Psy who saves him. And I liked her, even with that crazy sister of hers.Not so much council politics in this one since there were many after them. An ok book and a world I do like. The world is truly the best thing about these books.