Married by Mistake

Married by Mistake - Abby Gaines Casey is a participant on a new tv-show, she has been engaged for many years and she wants her man to take the final step. So she plans for it to happen on live tv, not the best idea because the guy says no and she stands there all alone and heartbroken. She had doubts herself. In steps the owner, Adam, he met her before when he thought she was a runaway bride. He decided to marry her on the show and she says yes. But the marriage he thought would be fake is not and they are married. No way it can work.Casey is nice, that is her problem, she is too nice, she can't say no, not to her dad, not to her siblings, not to her boyfriend. She has issues. But I do like her. Adam on the other hand is not nice, he is too obsessed with his work. They are so wrong for each other. One cares too deeply, one needs to learn to care more. But at least he has a good start by saving her from humiliation.But perhaps they can be good for each other, I do think so, and let's face it, this is Harlequin, we all know they will be a HEA. But the road there is long and there will be some bumps.It has the normal plot, girl meets boy, learning to lie with each other, feeling the heat, falling for the heat, blaming each other, and then perhaps living happily ever after.It was a cute romance, sweet and easy to read. Took no time at all.