Ascension - Caris Roane I had problems with this book. It was good, but the whole world felt stupid to me. When I think ascension I think of good people, wise people, ascending. Here, not so much. There are people that have powers and they can then ascend to 2nd earth. Another dimension. And all these people seem to be total idiots, power hungry, violent apes. Yes, the author talks about gardens in the beginning but those are forgotten when we near the end get a vision of Rome and fighting to the death in an arena. Oh and did I forget to tell you, those who ascend becomes vampires for some reason. I just could not deal with the world.Anyway, Alison is gonna ascend, baddies come after her. She is really really powerful. Kerrick is a mighty warrior with a chip on his shoulder. They lust for each other, they smex around...and now I remember the world again. I can't get over it!It was good to a point where something happened and after that I just felt the world was too stupid...I will put a spoiler in my review on my blog.