A Soldier's Duty: Theirs Not to Reason Why

A Soldier's Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why) - Jean Johnson I always have a hard time remembering what people are named in books. Of course I keep track of who is who, even if there are lots of characters. But as soon as the book ends names slip my mind. Well not this time, Ia is an easy name to remember ;) That and the fact she was totally kick-ass.Anyway, I did not end up liking the book as much as I wanted to. As always do not get me wrong. That does not mean the book is bad. No, it was well-written, thrilling and interesting. Will she save the universe? (even if I mostly want to travel forward in time to see if it all works out). The negative thing is that it was very very heavy on the tech and military jargon. Not something I find particularly interesting to read about. Also this one character was so hard to understand. Just like I tend to skip sex scenes in other books (none here thought, nothing of that sort at all), when it came to be too much military stuff I skimmed. It's not that it was heavy, just boring for me.But I do wonder what happens next. It's quite the undertaking to write about someone trying to save the universe hundreds of years before things go bad. And I do wonder what will go wrong?If you like sci-fi then yes give it a go, or if you like military books, action, suspense.