Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3)

Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3) - My thoughts: I will try to make it short again. For some reason I did not like this as much as book 1. Book 2 I did like, though not the last 100 pages. In this one it was the other way around in a way. I did enjoy the book and it was cute. But I just felt that it picked up more at the end. Annabel was nice enough and I understood her. Her family back home was not getting any help from her grandparents so therefore she had to marry a creepy old guy. What I grew a bit tired of was everyone speaking about how big her boobs and hips were. Ok I understood it the first time around. The guy needed kids but does it need mentioning every time? Sebastian then, well I actually did not like him that much in book 2. In this one I liked him a bit more since I saw he was tormented from the war and he writes books, I love that. Still he sure fell fast and she did ask something in the beginning that was a bit..oh why am i complaining? That is how HR is. Conclusion:The book was funny and cute. It was still worth reading and I enjoyed it. I read it fast and it was nice to get lost for a few hours. A good book to read this summer. And the cover is cute I guess.