The Outcast Prince

The Outcast Prince - Shona Husk I read her Goblin series and when I saw that she was to publish a series with fairies I was intrigued. I liked what I heard about Annwyn, it was the not so kind Fae types. Caspian is a changeling and has never been to his father's court. He is human, but still got those fae qualities too. I must confess that I sooo wanted his father's story while I read it, to see him fall in love. Le sigh, wonderful :) But that is a future book. Now we got Caspian and he falls for Lydia. A nice and sweet woman. They suited each other. Both with pasts and secrets.But that was not all it was about. We need some drama and danger too and in comes the hunt for a mirror. And the court of Annwyn is in trouble and the ripples are causing bad things to happen in our world. I can't spill it all, but Annwyn was different, and I liked what she did there.Romance and a man caught between two worlds. A good start to this series