The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel

The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel - Paolo Giordano am gonna do a quickie cos my head is filled with thoughts about this book. I could sure go on forever if no one stopped me.So I am going with the formula used by Staci @Life in The Thumb and it was invented by..? About:Mattia had a disabled sister, and he got angry with her one day and left her in the park when they were 8. They never found her and this has haunted him, he puller away from everyone and got lost in maths. Then he meet Alice who survived a horrible ski accident, and no limps, and has become anorectic. Two unlikely people form a friendship, and there is a longing that never is touched upon.Descriptive Words: Mathematics, awkward, friendship, anorexia, tragedy, lonelinessLocation or characters you met:Italy - I didn't learn a lot about Italy, it was just a place where the story took place.Mattia - Had he aspbergers? There was the maths, the social aspect, it fits. I liked him and felt sorry for him. He cut himself, he was sad. He was lost.Alice - She starved herself, and had big issues of her own. That's why she fitted so well with himWhat worked for me:The book was wonderful! I meant to only see if it was good and suddenly I was a page 70. He is a marvellous author and this book was just lovely. What didn't work for me:I guess I had wanted a bit more clarity at the end. Recommend?YES! Do read this book.Reason for reading: Recommended by a friendCover Thoughts: meh