Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood - A story about a little girl who wants to be a prophet, then a revolutionary and throw down the Shah, and then the rebel who wants to listen to music and not wear a veil.This is sure a map to some big years in Iran. Her family screamed for revolution and a communist regime. It was a difficult time because the Shah's men could arrest them at any time. Then the revolution happened but things did not get better. Instead they got an Islamic dictatorship, and the former fighters turned on that. Now women had to wear veils or suffer in public, all things Western got outlawed. Then comes the Iraqi war, and Teheran gets bombed. All this seen through a young girls eyes. A girl who don't get why things are like they are, a girl who has very strong opinions. All told with sarcasm, and humour, and sadness.The black and white strips are excellent. They are well drawn (that is I get what they are trying to show), and with not much background or such they tell this remarkable story.It ends when she turns 14, and I must get book 2 to see what happens then. I know that so many have read this years ago already, but to those that haven't, do read it. And because it was so good (and most importantly nicely drawn, yes I need that), I will read more. Well at least those few things I can find here.