The Better Part of Darkness

The Better Part of Darkness - Kelly Gay Plot:It has been over 10 years since the big revelation, that there are two other dimensions, what we used to call heaven and hell. But things are not that easy and not everything is black and white. Charlie Madigan is a cop, and single mum. She works on a special task force together with her partner trying to keep the city clean because the off-worlders do not always play nice. She also died 8 months ago and something is wrong with her, but what? Someone is selling a bad drug to the people of Atlanta and she needs every help she can get to stop it.My thoughts:New favourite UF author :D Yes I really want to dive right into book 2 but will stop myself. I would just read it in a day in a crazy haze like I did with this one. It was just that good.Charlie is one kick-ass woman, and kick-ass and UF is what I love. She is a tough cop, but she does have nightmares from her death, and she has a strange super strength. I was so very curious about what was up with her. She has a sexy partner (sadly no action there), an ex she has not forgiven and an itch to scratch. Sadly not a hint of romance, but ok I can deal with that, still I hope an interest comes along. There were some good maybes in this book, and I wonder if the author will go down one of those roads.Good cast, her partner Hank, a siren, her sister Bryn who practices magic, her kid, some bad guys, aye the bad guys are always the best. they bring the tension, they are evil, and I liked one of them. not gonna tell who now ;)There is magic, and all kinds of cool off-worlders, she kicks ass, and there is plenty of action. The book ends kind of nicely too. Now big cliffhanger that makes me scream in protest, but I do want to know what happens. Cos oh my the changes at the end! The next book will have a lot to deal with.This book had me glued to it from start to finish. The punches kept on rolling and being as curious as I am I did not want to put it down. I needed to know what was up.Final thoughts and recommendation.Hell yeah, read it, this is one UF book you should have a look at. Excellent world building, great characters and a promise of such cool things to come. I would love to just start book 2 at once and just eat it up.Reason for reading:I did think it sounded goodCover:Is that a necklace she is wearing? Hm