The Prophet

The Prophet - Amanda Stevens This book had another feel to it than the intense book 2. That one was eerie and haunted me. This one is more calm, but not in the good way that calm is. No it's more like being drugged and calm. Waking around in a mist.“Never acknowledge the Dead. Never stray from hallowed ground. Never associate with the haunted. Never tempt fate.”All things Amelia has done and in this book we see what it does to her. She is on the case to find a murdered, she associate with a ghost, and she is back in Charleston and can't stay away from Devlin and his ghosts.Strange drugs, old magic and trickery. A Charleston where the darker side is shown. Amelia meets new friends, and new enemies and we get a few questions answered. But when the book ends, there is still so much left to be told and I was happy to read that Stevens is working in 3 more books. Things are yet to be told and Amelia will surely deal with the darkness that is gathering.Sure it was not as good as book 2 but then book was utterly amazing! It was because it was intense while this one had that weird calm over it.A southern Gothic mystery. A series I recommend to everyone.