Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels 3)

Magic Strikes  - Ilona Andrews My thoughts:You all knew this day would come, I am officially converted and can say that this series kicks some serious ass. I kept reading, giggling and laughing, this book is certainly the best so far and if this continues I my heart will be lost. Kate is a great character, strong, and she does not back down. I got the meet the pervert Saiman again, and he does amuse me. Then there is Curran, ok ok I admit he makes me drool, but my heart is not entirely lost, he is just too alpha for me. But for Kate he is perfect. Those two, the chemistry, and him trying to woo her his way. Makes it really hard for a girl to put this book down.Then there is the action that keeps coming, the best part of UF. And this freaky world, loving it. This time bad guys are, I am not going to say, but I like where she took it, oh and what Saiman really is, very nice.But honestly what keeps making me coming back is her origin. First who is her father, then what is he, then what is she, and when she will meet him. That conflict is what I like about this series.Final thoughts and recommendation.The best book so far, and at the end it made me ache to get book 4 and see where it all is heading. I am giving it a 3,75, it has been a step up all the way and I do think the next one will be even better. It was good, and I need the next book.And yes I do recommend this series to UF and PNR lovers, and to the rest too.Reason for reading:Read book 2