Wolfishly Yours

Wolfishly Yours - Lydia Dare Lycans, how can I not love them. Here we meet Grayson (introduced in previous books) and he is getting his match.If you have read Dare's book you know what to expect, if not, then I will tell you. There is humour, banter, flirting, fun, werewolves trying to behave and romance.Grayson Hadley drinks, gambles and is not the kind of man mothers introduce daughters too. But he is kind and well, he is a Lycan. He does try his best to behave and now and his brother even have a tutor to help them along. I like him, he knows what he wants.Liviana is an American sent to England to learn proper manners. Yes you see a pattern here. At one time she say something that, well trust me it will be good. She is not timid and proper. And in the end she is everything a Lycan would want.When these two meet there is a clash of wills. The romance grows, which I liked, because things does not happen at once. Though if I would say something negative is that Livi does something at one point that had me really disappointed. Have some faith woman!Dare does it again. She knows her Lycans