The Wolf Who Loved Me

The Wolf Who Loved Me - Lydia Dare Yes this is part of a series, but it can be just as well be read as a standalone since it is also starting a new trilogy. To make a long story short, first there were the 3 Westfield Brothers, then we had Dash who stood a bit alone, then we got 3 vampire books with the remaining witches and now we have 3 more brothers (related to Dash)and they will find love. I made it sound complicated didn't it? Anyway, it works on its on in the end.We met the brothers in previous books and they are just rakes and bad ton, not to mention they are broke. But Weston has been in love with Madeleine for years but she is the daughter of a Duke and he is a nobody. A bad boy, and I do love to see them change. While Maddie is a little princess, but at least she knows that she does not want to marry the idiots her father wants her to marry. Yes he makes rash decisions, but he is honorable and she is falling for him. And I do like the ones were they do fall fast, but at the same time they (well one of them) do not like each other. He can't just snap a finger and make her love him.In this one I also saw who is brother Archer will fall for and that only leaves one brother, and I do wonder who his lady will be. But that is for later books and this is now, and once again I like Dare's easy style, the passion between the couple and sprinkle of paranormal. He might be a werewolf but it does not take over. It's a historical romance with paranormal elements. Elements that fits so easily that I could easily think there are werewolves hidden there.Conclusion:I am happy with this latest installment and I am looking forward to more. Dare's werewolf are just too sexy!