Talk Me Down

Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl Plot:Molly Jenkins left town 10 years ago, and now she is back thanks to a creepy stalking ex. For 10 years she has been thinking about Ben Lawson, and this time she wants him. But someone still stalks her, the newspaper is gossiping about them, and Ben wants to know what her big bad secret is.My thoughts:I do not know how I do it but there is always one genre that I seem to read a lot of in a month, and this month that genre is contemporary romance. It has been a fun month.I have wanted to try her books for a while now, and thanks to the lovely Stacy I had the chance to. It was fun, smart and sexy.Molly was fun, sassy, and naughty when it comes to Ben. She has been lusting over him for a long time, and she sure is not afraid to go after what she wants. Poor guy does his best to not be tempted. But these two were bound to end up together, and it does not take long either. Lots of romance and passion there.There was also something I did not expect, ok yes I read the word stalker, but it was so much more. Who was the stalker really? Things got complicated and dangerous because someone truly did not want her in town. But all this suspense Molly tried to joke away with her humour. Kind of liked that.Recommendation and final thoughts:Indeed a good contemporary romance, and it made me want to read the next one where Molly's friend finds love. What can I say, sweet, romantic, dangerous and passionate. She does write books for a living so she is not afraid to speak her mind.