Never Been Bit

Never Been Bit - Lydia Dare This is the last book about the witches since they have all found love now. I always liked Sorcha, from the start when I met her in the Lycan series to this series. She always wanted what her friends got, a lycan of her own. And that is what she sets her sights on in this book, the Hadley brothers to be precise. Sorcha is always so kind and sweet, and funny too. She has matured a lot during these books, but she still have that stubborn streak that makes her who she is. And when she want a lycan she wants a lycan. Because of who she is she might just be my favourite witch of them all. Alec then, well when I first met him he was running after Cait and was quite the fool. Then he became a vampyre and got all broody and sexy. He still thinks he will never find love again, but he still wants to protect Sorcha from the dogs. And these two together, well I am happy to see Alec find love and for Sorcha to finally fall in love. They do make a good couple.When this series is finished I am happy that I know that there will be more. Another lycan trilogy with the bad boys of the ton. I can't wait. I do like Lydia Dare's books, they are fun, they are sweet and I like that there is more to come.Even if you have not read this series you can still jump right in. Or start at the beginning of this series, or just go back and start with the Lycan one. If you want to read a cute paranormal historical then this might just do the trick. And if you have read the other books then you will surely like this one too.Conclusion:A sweet ending to this vampire series. Just what I wanted.