Deadlock (Southern Arcana, #3)

Deadlock (Southern Arcana, #3) - Moira Rogers Ever since I first met Alec I wanted this story, and now I finally got it. He was just so alpha, wounded and all that jazz.I am gonna make this into a quickie (will try at least).Alec is being his usual self, taking care of New Orleans and at the same time not taking part in politics. In comes Carmen, sparks fly and she is the one to soothe his soul. Sparks fly, in and out of bed (when they get there).And there is politics. Her family is making a play for a seat, and they are real bastards. Alec has some figuring out to do.And we meet everyone from before. Now, I do want Kat's book.There you have it, a sort of quickie review. A nice series that is not really pnr, and not really uf either.