In the Heat of the Bite

In the Heat of the Bite - Lydia Dare More 3,5 or more My thoughts:This book is a part of a series but you can read it as a standalone. But if you really want to dive into this world then I recommend the 4 Westfield Wolves books first to get to know our dear lycans and witches. But this series of course belong to the vampires.Matthew Halkett is old, he has seen it all. He is this steady figure of reason and at the same time one tempting delicious vampire. I am drawn to him as a moth to a flame and much of has to do with how fast he falls for Rhiannon. Sure he has doubts but then he is a vampire who will live forever, while she is an innocent who will not. Oh yes Rhiannon, a Scottish witch with a temper. She can command thunder and lightning and sure does when she gets angry. And she is not afraid of a vampire when she has that at her command.This world is lovely and cosy somehow. I already know the Lycans (love them) and in this book we meet more. I sure hope Dare writes their story too because they are a fun bunch. The witches are fun and now when Rhiannon has found her man there is only Sorcha left and I can't wait for her story..and, oh just read the blurb. The vampires are a great addition to this world and I really enjoyed the banter between Matthew and the 4 Lycans he came across more times than he wanted. There is nothing like a brood of werewolves telling a vampire to back down ;)The book has got a bit of humour, great friendships and passion. I did like how Matthew tried his best to be the perfect gentleman. Just a reason to like him even more.Conclusion:Lydia Dare does not disappoint. She (well they do) does it again and gives me a book that I read and time just disappears. There is always something that makes me want to read the next page and on. It kept me entertained and I read it in a heartbeat.Rating.Good