No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals after Dark Series #2)

No Rest for the Wicked  - Kresley Cole I did not like it as much as a certain book called A demon from the dark, but then that book was just delicious. Don't get me wrong, this book was also good, just not as good. You know the story.Sebastian Wroth is our worthy hero, who hates being a vampire. And he is a smart, now who does not like a warrior nerd? It sure works for me. Then we got Kaderin, sure I liked her but not that much since she is cold, which is totally stupid to say cos she is Kaderin the coldhearted. But then thing is she melts, but she still feels cold for me. But then who would not fight against falling for a vampires? Point taken.And I liked the whole fated for life thing because that does not mean they are in love like with other books. He knew she was her Bride and went to hunt her down. But he did not love her, so no instalove, passion yes but then he is a hunk and she is not that shabby herself.We got a wild hunt for treasures, sweet loving (ok not sweet ;), and a insight into this very fascinating world. And it does make it my favorite paranormal series.