Crossroads (Southern Arcana Series #2)

Crossroads - Moira Rogers I really should write reviews at once, now I waited three days and that is not good. But I hope I can do the book justice anyway. In this book we get more of the politics and honestly those shifter bosses are such asses. But then men in power (and women) tend to be that. I liked Nicole, the heroine because she wanted out of that stuffy old world who only wanted her to choose a mate from one of their own sons. But she does have a weakness and that is love, her sister and just doing what she feels is right. Still who could not admire her.The hero Derek, was turned shifter so to the bluebloods he is just a mutt. And he has liked Nick for a long long time. He is all a man should be, nice, protective of his loved ones, and hot. Together these two will create a little bit of magic of their own.Even if I do like the big romance, there is so much more to like too. All the side characters are just love, like Kit and Andrew who sure flirt a lot with each other, and Alec, oh he sure won me over in this book and I really want to read his book. He is so alpha and mysterious. When he is near I forget everyone else, yes, awesome side character.Back to the story. So much will happen. I wish I could tell you all, but that would sure spoil things. But prepare for surprises, heartache and victory. The world is rich and with lots to explore. The bad guys are bad, but still normal. The passion is great, the friendships wonderful and it was a joy to read.Conclusion:I do think I liked this one more than book 1, or is that just because I am in some sort of I want Alec’s book haze? Lol, well book 1 was good and this one is even better then. I do hope the trend continue.Rating:NiceCover:Nice (yes I have noticed that sometimes I just give the rating and the cover the same word ;)