The Heir

The Heir (Duke's Obsession, #1) - Grace Burrowes Plot:Gayle, the earl of Wyndham stays in the city over the summer. He is tired of his father trying to find a woman for him, any woman. But then he notices his pretty housekeeper, or more like she makes him see stars when she knocks him over the head. Anna Seaton is not all she says she is and her secret will lead everyone into danger.My thoughts:I was a bit worried when I started because I had read two reviews that wasn't thrilled over this book. But the more I read the more I liked it, and I put those doubts behind me.Gayle, or Westhaven as they also call him is your typical lord. He has his mistress, he attends all the balls, but the difference is that he does not want some girl right out of the schoolroom that his father throws at him. He wants something more, but mostly he just seems angry at his father. Anna on the other hand is a total enigma, she works as a housekeeper, her deaf sister works there too. She speaks many languages, writes beautifully and speaks way too good not to be hiding something.Yes there were times when I wanted to hit her over the head. She was just so stubborn, that stupid woman, but luckily Westhaven was a man who knew what he wanted and would not let go. He wanted to win her over and I did like that side of him, because he knew she loved him, but she was just too worried about others, which is a good thing, but she should have taken care of herself too.The thing that kept me reading and reading was the mystery part. It was just killing me not knowing who she really was, what she had done and what she was running from. So that was the best part of this book.The romance was also good, it seemed like they could not have each other, she wanted to keep running, he wanted the truth. And some good side characters, especially with his brother, I would want his story, and her sister's story too.Final thoughts and recommendation:She kept the plot going for a very long time, I am glad she did not spill the beans and told the reader why Anna was running, because it just made it impossible for me to put the book down. I am too curious for my own good. By saying that I will give the book a 3,5 because of the mystery part, a great way for me to drive myself crazy by reading and reading to find out the truth. And it was a good reason for running too, can't say more than that.Reason for reading:Sounded good