Warrior (Blades of the Rose Series #1)

Warrior - Zoe Archer Plot:There is magic in the world, but people do not know. A select few protect these objects against the bad guys who wants to spread the British rule over the entire world. In comes Gabriel Huntley who delivers a message to Mongolia, and then accompanies Thalia Burgess on a wild hunt.My thoughts:The book did have it all, the premise, good thrilling writing, a kick-ass heroine, an alpha hero, it took place in Mongolia (I have sure never read a book taking place there), there was magic, and romance. Still I had too easy putting the book down. Why? I do not know. The book was ok, but it didn't manage to keep my attention that long.I did like Thalia, raised in Mongolia and now weak 19th century female. She could handle a bow and dressed like the people living there. Huntley was a former army man with a deep sense of duty, and together they made a nice couple.There was action, bad guys chasing them, The Hammer of Thor (which was really cool), learning about the magical sources in the world, and just riding through Mongolia. There was romance when these two found each other.But something just did not click. Do not get me wrong, I still rate the book good since I liked all the other things. But I struggled with the reading. I can usually read for hours, now I took breaks every 10 minutes.Recommendation and final thoughts:So even if it did not capture me I would still recommend it since it interesting, and I liked the historical and paranormal mix. Perhaps it was not the right time to read it.Cover:So I did some googling, yes the zipper was invented 20 years before, but then forgotten, and re-invented 20 years after this book taking place. So he could not have zipper on that jacket...yes that was what I was doing instead of reading.Reason for reading:I heard it was good. I do not regret reading it since it was still good..but