The Pledge

The Pledge  - Kimberly Derting This was a book that is hard to put a genre on, by the things we learnt, well by the sound of languages I would say it takes place on our little planet. But it can also just be that she used those words to make it feel more like home. It has such a fantasy feel to it, but then they got technology, so let's just call it dystopia/fantasy/sci-fi.The world is interesting and ruled by queens with powers. No male can take the throne in this world. I like it. And this country has its on set of rule that is really stupid, in a good way. If someone talks to you in another language and they have a higher status then you are not allowed to look at them. If you do then you die. Cruel, oh yes, crazy, indeed. It's done to keep the masses separated. I do love a good wicked world and this one that keeps the classes with their own kind is fascinating.Sure there was one thing that bugged me, it seems it was only a couple of 100 years ago since it was set in motion. And people only speak their own language or the one under them. And they can't learn the higher up. And the languages are completely different, that means the language first used had to be really different from each other if people can't understand each other. Because I could understand words here and there easily with languages close to mine. Because yes even it they kill everyone with an ear for languages then should not some still be left, or are people too stupid? We just do not know. I'd really like to get to the bottom of the language situation. But I did not let it bother me.Back to the story, Charlie is our heroine and it does not take a doctor to get why she understand all languages. She is obviously of the old Royal family. Sure it takes a long time for the book to spit it out, but it's obvious from page 1. She meets a handsome stranger called Max, and they got romantic tension sizzling around them.The book is also filled with that question who she is (well we know this), who wants to use her, can she get away, and the danger when rebels are attacking the kingdom; queendoom, sorry Queen. I do like that the danger and tension keeps the pace going and it is a good book, and interesting book too. It is the first in a series, but it ends. And no cliffie, well there is a cliffie, but it is that sort of cliffie that you do not know if it will turn out to be a cliffie or not. But since there is a book 2, it sure will. Even if this book ends happily then all hell is sure to break lose later.A good world, that is all I want sometimes, and I got that here.