A Dance of Cloaks

A Dance of Cloaks (Shadowdance) - David Dalglish I wanted to love it, but sometimes you just meet a book and do not click...at all.What went wrong then? Oh just about everything. I did not like any of the characters. If everyone had died at the end I would have moved on in a second and been glad since they were all idiots. Was Aaron supposed to be the main person? He felt like a whiny kid who was also a schizophrenic sociopath. I guess maybe his dad is supposed to be the bad guy but hello boring guy. I guess Kayla is gonna be the kickass woman but she is trying way too hard. Alyssa was just a stupid idiot as was the rest of the Trifect. Veliana, eh who? I have forgotten her already. So my problem was definitely characters, no one was likable. And that is super important for me, I need to like someone, cos if I do not, then I just do not care. Or want to read. I fall into skimming.I read that some felt the book was too violent, but I would not say that. It was more like a little boy who is trying to be tough but fails a bit.The world was, I mean come on. Sometime hire some guys and just kill everyone. Shitty leadership. I blame everyone. But then is how it's meant to be. I do not know, I felt this from page 1, I never got interested in the story, I was never moved. I would have quit long ago but read on. I can see why people could like the book but for me this time it was a fail. Everywhere.So what to say as a conclusion? Maybe I am just burned out on assassins and thieves..no, I love them. I just need to feel some love..or like for someone.