Sins of the Lost (Grigori Legacy, #3)

Sins of the Lost (Grigori Legacy, #3) - Linda Poitevin What a roller coaster ride! And at the end I was cursing her name (again!).Alex is happy with Seth..or is she? She still deals with the trauma from book 2, and of course then there is the whole Son of Lucifer and God thing going on. Seth did after all give up everything to be with her. Also hiding in the shadows is her former soul mate (well he still is but he must stay away). Lots of possible romantic drama in play and Poitevin shakes the foundations of what I want yet again.Then we have the THE END IS NEAR thing. Yes you can't really skip that part as lots of halfhuman/angel babies are popping up soon and will lead the Fallen to Armageddon. The end is certainly near and cos of who she chose Alex is in the middle of it all. There was action, blood, and unexplained murders for her to solve and heart ache.Then we have the end, oh she is so good at those... not a cliffie, but yes still such a cliffie endings. Things are "normal" *coughs* for now, but we all know lots more are to come the next minute or so. The ending is also truly evil and I do not even know what to think any more. What to I want? How will she possible fix everything? I NEED to know!More please.