Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes

The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl - Gina Lamm I liked Leah, I mean she was me. She wanted to go back in time, find her Mr Darcy/Duke and live happily ever after. Awesome. Did that happen? Yeah...In book 1 a geek girl went back in time through a mirror, in book 2 her friend goes back. All in the quest of true love. Sure Leah is a bit blind first. When the witch tells her she will find true love in the Duke's house she at once assumes it's the Duke she will fall for. Now that would have been great, but the twist is that it's the valet, Avery she meets. He is a gentleman, all sweet and kind. He helps this crazy woman and gives her a job. The perfect guy, just, she does not see it.What else was different is that in this book we get to see the downstairs regency era. And that is not something I see a lot, usually it's just the glittering ton.There is also a little sideplot that causes some drama as Avery is a boxer and is in a bit of trouble.Cute time-travel romance!