Bad Nights

Bad Nights - Rebecca York This book has lots of running and suspense. But then that makes sense since it's romantic suspense ;)The book starts when Morgan finds a nekkid man outside in the rain. She is nice and takes him inside. Now she is careful too, I mean he is a weird nekkid man. She has compassion and common sense.The nekkid man is Jack. He was working undercover and was found out. Ex navy seal, tough guy, good guy. Together are they, well there is suspense so you can understand that it get intense (for I reason I wont say.) At the same time there are some feelings slowly growing (well slow and slow, but thinking how much they go through I will say slow.) But she is a widow and mourns, and he is the tough guy whose work is not safe.There were a few parts that were a bit so and so, but overall they did not bother me too much.Oh and the evil guy was a total creep.Romance, suspense, danger!