Malice (The Faithful and the Fallen #1) - John Gwynne The book was not easy getting into to. I was bored at first, then the many POVs had me confused. They kept on coming and before I knew one character another one was thrown at me. I do not have a problem with many characters, I just need to know who they all are and what they do first. But somewhere along the lines the book grew interesting, I started to like and hate people. Sure it took a while and that is why it's getting a 3 instead of a 4. Because in the end it was good, the plot thickened and I wanted book 2. And there is no word out on book 2. I am dying here, I need to know certain things. It was so good.Right, should I tell you about all the POVS? Eh, well some, there was Corban, the typical young boy who must find his fate (and I sure want to know too!). His sister who wants to fight too. There is a prince thinking he will save all. A lawless man in the woods. A king's nephew who is dealing with a troublesome cousin. A man rising in the ranks of his prince. Let's see was that all? I can't say too much because certain plots, oh they were good. I kept wondering, thinking I had it, and the twists that I guessed were juicy.He sure spun a good web. I wish some of the characters will see the truth and the rest I hope will burn. Aye, just like one should feel in a good book.So a difficult beginning paved way to a great debut. I hope the next book comes out soon.