Cowboy Seeks Bride

Cowboy Seeks Bride - Carolyn Brown I could say it time and time again. Brown writes, cute, sassy and fun cowboy books. The women are sassy and the men are, well cowboys ;)The book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone. There is talk of Dewar's family and friends, but hey that's normal. You do not need to have read previous ones to follow along.Dewar is a cowboy through and through. He loves his ranch, he loves the life. Haley is everything he isn't. She loves her job in Dallas and her power suits. Therein lies the drama. These two meet, become friends and then something more. But there is always that big cloud over them. He wants to live where he lives, she is going back to Dallas and her fancy office.The atmosphere was also nice in this one as they went on a month long cattle drive, and lots happened. I will just leave it at lots so not to spoil anything.While reading I heard about Haley's grandma and I am telling ya, I would love that story :D Hint hint to the author.Drama on the trail, romance, passion and cowboys. What more could a reader ask for.