New England Rocks

New England Rocks - Christina Courtenay I do think this was my favorite Courtenay book so far. It was YA with drama, but the kind of drama I can like. My problem with YA books is that they so often are filled with angst and stupid over dramatic drama. Those books make me wanna smack everyone over the head. While this one, well this one felt real.Rain was, angry yes, but then someone had thrown her to the wolves and she was in a new school where she knew no one. And the most interesting guy, the one who talks to her has a preppy girlfriend. Tough luck. Yes Jesse is a good guy, he plays in a rock band, but that irritating girlfriend of his. Not good.It was fun to see them together. Two teens finding their way. She has issues, he has issues. Sure the end was a bit too picture perfect, but then it was also an ending that should happen. I liked it, and I can say nothing more about it.The little drama that worked then, well of course it has to do with that he has a girlfriend and that she is annoying ;) That I can handle.A nice YA book that was sweet and rocked.