Once Upon a Tartan

Once Upon a Tartan - Grace Burrowes I said I was sure to read it in a day and so I did. There is just something with Burrowes romances that makes me wanna read and read and not put them down before I know what happens.Victorian times, Scotland, and a sad heroine. Hester felt a bit different as she left London in a scandal and is now staying with the McGregors (as her brother in the previous book married a McGregor..and then more, just read it and find out ;). She is looking after young Fiona. Hester was very kind, sweet, curious and getting over what had happened. She had a calm over her that I liked.Tye, oh Tye. I know he meant well. Yes I liked him cos he was all sweet and caring. But he did not always think what was best for Fiona when he came barging in. But still he was so....so, mmm. I wanted him and Hester together, they made sense. And at the same time I knew the drama was coming and was scared. Even though we all know everything will work out in the end.Another easy and sweet romance from Burrowes. I like this one the most in the new series. In book 1 too many people fell in love ;)