Skies of Steel: The Ether Chronicles

Skies of Steel  - Zoe Archer I do hate writing a review 24 hours later, by then I am all meh, I felt what?But it was a cool world. Where men could become Men O'War. Tied to their flying ship. A steampunk world that was at war. I liked this world and wanted to read more set here. Sometimes I complain that steampunk books do not have any steam. Many puts in one mechanical clock and is all steampunk! While this blended romance and steampunk well. A steampunk should be filled with steampunk and this one was. But not too much that it got confusing. That is no fun either. So + on steampunk.Romance then. Mikhail (did I mention that it's one of my fav Russian names?), and Daphne are very very different. But they worked together and brought in some drama that I will not spoil for you all.All in all making it a good novel. There is romance, steampunk, an interesting world and a bit of action.