The Wish List

The Wish List  - Gabi Stevens I do like this cover more than the rest of the series. This one just looks more fun, and cute.There is magic in the world, but we do not know it. And there are also Fairy Godmothers. Though honestly, I never truly got the whole Godmother idea. They explained but I was what? Maybe it's explained later on, or not.Right Kristin was, oh I do not know. Honestly she felt a bit daft at times. Especially when it comes to a certain gentleman that showed up. But then Tennyson was no better. I was all, hello! She is in danger so why on earth does no one check things better?But it was a cute little story about two people falling in love...after a while. Her discovering her powers. Meeting new people and hearing about the magical power struggle.Magic, fairy godmothers and meddling aunts.