Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul Series #1)

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson I do not know how to rate this one. I liked it, so it was good, but the more I think about things the more annoyed I get. And I would not rush out to get the next book as there are 4 more and I was all get it done or get it over with.Honestly if I had shut down my brain then it could get that 3. But now I will just rant a bit cos I feel like it. Tairen was too alpha, that I did think from day 1. YOU ARE MINE! Ok cool it mister. If I had been Ellie I would have told him so. Yes I get that she is swept away. But I would have liked it more if she had said. "Ok I get I am in danger, we will go to the fading lands and you can court me there." Instead they stayed and the situation went from bad to worse. Everyone felt TSTL at one time or another and I wondered how these races have managed to survive at all. I wanted to smack everyone over the head.The world, sure it was there, but instead of going all DOOM I destroyed the world once, tell me more about the world itself.And what no one saw that Ellie was weird?I did find those crazy fey that had run away cool. Those I wanted more about. These, eh not so much. There is mating frenzy and then there is mating frenzy. It was too much.And there was no conclusion. Le sigh. I totally know what will happen to some, I knew from page one. But there are other minor characters that seemed interesting. So fantasy romance, yeah, romance. I think I have read too much fantasy and fantasy romance is always so lame to me,.