Dragon Bones (Hurog, #1)

Dragon Bones (Hurog, #1) - Patricia Briggs I have not have the best of luck with Brigg's fantasy books. I did like the Hob, it was light. Raven was good, then turned worse. Wolf was gone, it just showed it was her work early on. But Dragon, I was hooked from page one. It's still light fantasy somehow, but there is a true darkness in it too. I am not saying that makes it more fantasy, I am just saying here she was not afraid to talk about things that I might not want to know, but that makes it so much better.Ward started to act like he was simple so his father would not kill him. His father was cruel, liked to beat his children and wife and rape the servants. It was difficult to read about Ward and how everyone looked down at him for being an idiot. They said he was nice, but an idiot. Which made it the more interesting to read about him. He had played the act for so long so when it was time to let go who would believe it. This was a troubled land. A king who grow more disturbing the more I learned about him. And then there is Hurog and Ward would not be allowed to Lord over it if he is a simpleton. War is brewing from the south too, well actually most people are pissed they just hide it. I do like conflict in fantasy and here after the book ends, well one battle done but there are more to come and I wanted to read book 2 at once. I did start it at once too. Things are never simple.Ward, him I liked. Oreg who met was nice too. Ward's sister, well she was not really in focus. Then there are other men (and women) who were interesting to to read about. Some I did not know whether to like or not, but that is the good part. Everyone plays a role.It was short, but I liked it. I will still call it light cos it does not have the epicness, it would have, but does not. Totally recommend it too.