Dragon Blood (Hurog, #2)

Dragon Blood (Hurog, #2) - Patricia Briggs My thoughts:Ok so I started this one right after having finished book 1 and it takes place 4 years after the events in book 1. The book was not as good, but then all the things that were new and shiny then, were not new and shiny here anymore. But hey it was still a good book that I read in a day.Ward is rebuilding Hurog and is staying away from the wicked king Jakoven. But the king is the baddie in this one so he comes after Ward. Civil war is close to breaking out and things are not good...*music of doom*Ward is a true hero, and then I mean hero as in the word hero. If someone is on trouble he will help them. He is the best Lord there can be. Well after they got over the Ward is not simpleton thing ;)People are finding their way in this book. The land around Hurog is free from the curse and I kept waiting for Jakoven to get thrown down. An icky king. Icky is too sweet a word but I do not wanna give away any spoilers.Conclusion:And now I want the rest of Brigg's fantasy books. I am slowly going through them all. Only 3 more now.