It Takes Two to Tangle

It Takes Two to Tangle - Theresa Romain I am not a huge fan of the "in love with the heroine's best friend plot", but, yes it worked and I will ell you why.1. First Henry was never in love. His brother and sister-in-law told him that she would be a good wife and that he should marry.2. Frances makes a BIG mistake so she really has herself to blame when Henry thinks Caroline likes him. 3. When he gets to know Frannie he starts to like her.4. Frannie already likes him, and cos of the Mistake she makes it all worse. 5. This book has a HEA so we all know it will end well.There you have it, in 5 points why the plot worked for me.In other news, I wonder who will be the next hero or heroine. I want Caroline to get a HEA. And I want a story where an old friend of Henry's gets his HEA. I do love when a book has interesting side characters you want more of.A cute romance where mistakes are made but love is found.