Seraphina (Seraphina #1) - Rachel Hartman I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Sure I heard it was good, but that's the thing, is it all hyped up or not? Well I can tell you, that it is not. It was a wonderful YA fantasy.It's all about Seraphina, a halfbreed, something that should not exist and something that many would love to kill. So she hides the fact that she has scales on her body and goes on with her life. All in a nice kingdom that fought dragons and made peace with them 40 years ago. All in a kingdom where dragons are hated and looked down upon. Not to mention all the religious propaganda being spewed out by zealots. Yes nothing like religion to get my panties in a twist when reading fantasy. Most often when it happens it cos it's cos the religion resembles Christianity, here with saints and all that we are better, you others suck. I am so gonna go off on a religious rant now, but ok ok it works great in a world where dragons look down on humans and humans look down at dragons.So a society with lots of tensions. Then we got a lot of nice side characters. Seraphina's uncle, whom she can't call uncle. Prince Lucian (I liked him!), princess Grisselda (I liked her too, she was just sweet), and lots more. All forming a nice cast of characters around here. Helping her on her way, not helping her on her way and leading to the end. Oh yes the end, trouble there. I do not know how it all will work out but I am sure waiting for the next one.Recommend.