Life After Death

Life After Death - Lillie J. Roberts I confess that I do know the author so I wondered first and hoped it would be good ;) Well it was. Lillie Roberts has a wonderful voice, there was this warmth in the book (even when death and danger was near). There was also an easiness to the book, which was short, but good at getting it's point through.To the book then. Chelsea the heroine sees dead people, well not at first as it has a taken a while for her gift to emerge. And like any sane person she thinks she is loosing it. But she does her best, and she is scared. Which I also liked cos she felt very human, crying in her PJs.Right that was Chelsea, dealing with her new life. In comes the book's love interest and there is distrust and anger at once. A little drama to overcome is always nice. And Brad is a good guy when we get to know him. Sweet and protective. So there is romance growing and plenty of passion.What to call this book? Well there is the passion, suspense and mystery so just mix all those things. There is danger and creepy ghosts and secrets to find out.A good book that kept me hooked. All sweetness and suspense.