Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley - Rosanne Bittner A brutal beginning, but then to have made life easy for Maggie would not have been right. It had to be brutal and leave her angry. Maggie is left with a dead husband and a thirst for vengeance after the outlaws did what they did to her too. Not something I want to happen to a heroine, but that she would have been left unhurt after something like that, yes not likely. But she was such a strong woman, she did not let it hold her down. She is also a true pioneer woman, ready to work like any man. At first I was a bit wary as her husband was dead after all and I knew she and Sage would find each other. But, a loveless marriage is nothing to cry over.Sage then, half Indian, owner of one big ranch and with scars of his own. A very colorful past that we learn more of. He is a good man, kind and strong. Now who would not fall for him?It's a slow building romance as they both are scarred. But it also about the hunt for the outlaws and riding through wild country. Both animals and bad men out there. And with that it was different, because it showed the more brutal side.Love can grow in the most unlikely places.