Rogue Steals a Bride

The Rogue Steals a Bride - Amelia Grey Amelia Grey's books are always so cute and this one did not disappoint.This book is the last in the Rogue series. The 3 first are loosely connected to these, and the 3 last about three brothers. Now it's Matson's turn. A rich young gentleman who comes to London and scandal breaks. He looks like someone else, ohhh his mum had an affair. To makes things more complicated he falls for a young woman, who is the ward of his "father." Should we make it even more complicated? Yes why not. The lady in question, Sophia promised dear old dad to marry a man with a title. Alas poor Matson does not have one.And this book is then about Sophia looking for a match, accompanied by her 2 aunts. And Matson finding every opportunity to be near her. Because you know they are gonna make it somehow, but the road there is long.I did wonder one thing at the end, what about Lord Snellingly? Lol, you who have read it will understand.A sweet romance.