Billion Dollar Cowboy

Billion Dollar Cowboy - Carolyn Brown You know you will get some sweet romancing when it comes to a Carolyn Brown book, and add sexy cowboys to that too.In this new series we meet billionaire Colton who is running from the crazy women that want his money. Colton is nice, hardworking, loves his farm, and yes he is also sexy and has lots of money.Then there is Laura, who has issues from her past and a sister in trouble. Laura is the nerdy girl with glasses. The girl with commitments problems. The sweet girl who loves gardening and has no problems with farm life. So they are perfect for each other, but they just had to get past a few speed bumps first.The whole premise is nice. She is his fake girlfriend and of course that means they get close. It's a fake romance that blossoms. All while we have a nice atmosphere and get to meet everyone on the farm. It's a close family, a nice family. I enjoyed meeting them all, and seeing Colton and Laura falling in love.Conclusion:Cowboys! Romance! You know it :)