Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble - Jane Lovering I liked that you could make up your own mind about what happened in this book. Did they really do magic? Or was it just by chance? I will go with magic cos magic is always cooler.Holly was a practical woman. She takes care of her brother. She does not do long term relationships. She does not see the big problem in her own life. But I liked that about her, it brings the drama in a good way. She needs to think about what she really is doing and then she can move on.The love interest then, oh how these two jumped around each other and never got it done right. Kai is a journalist with issues of his owns that he is trying to deal with. 2 emotionally scarred people finding their way, and each other. It was a long way there, but for these it just could not happen fast. That would have made no sense.Yes yes the witchy stuff. They form a circle, things gets spooky, and there are creepy men in the woods. Things gets scary too. Not all is what it seems. And maybe the circle gets some happy endings of their own too ;)Magic or no magic? Drama. Love and friendship is what this book brings.