The Wishing Thread

The Wishing Thread - Something was not quite right. Sometimes I blame it on ebooks. And it might be the problem that I had this time. I never felt connected to the characters, or the book itself. Sometimes ebooks just loose the magic that books hold for me. Because the book itself was good, just not for me this time.The magic, was there magic at all? I like magical realism cos the magic is just embedded in the story. It feels normal or real. Here I never even knew if there was any magic at all and there it lost the magical realism for me.The book is about 3 sisters and a knitting magic. They knit, people's wishes come true, sometimes. But the sisters have scattered and only lonely Audrey is left. Meggie is the wandered who comes back, and Bitty is the one who married rich but is still unhappy. They all have their problems to deal with and paths to find.The story is good, save the neighborhood, the house, themselves. There is a hint of romance too.But in the end, I was on the outside looking in and mostly got stressed cos I had to return the e-reader and the book took 2 weeks to finish.