Tainted Angel

Tainted Angel - Anne Cleeland My thoughts:This was a spy/mystery/romance/historical. A nice little mix and I thought I knew, but I had no idea at all ;)Vidia was an enigma. Her fellow spies believes she is tainted and I was unsure. She was way too comfy around her mark. So I kept wondering about her and her benefactor. In the end I wondered about everyone. You can't really trust anyone in this book and first at the end I could relax and trust people, trust them to know what they were doing.That is the whole thriller/mystery parts. She has some explaining to do and the heat is on. In comes the hero (who I did not know what to make of either). Their relationship becomes, oh you just has to read it. It's a cat and mouse game and it kept me on my toes. Then there is the whole dead wife thing too to think about. But, nah I will not say one thing more. This was just a book were mysteries slowly were revealed. One thing though, at times I was, not confused just..troubled. I felt that I should be able to trust someone at least and pages seemed to flow by without me noticing it and not in a good way.Conclusion:An thrilling spy novel with romance to offer too.