Rivers of London (Peter Grant, #1)

Rivers of London (Peter Grant, #1) - Ben Aaronovitch I will try to make it short, do I ever manage to make it truly short? Nah, a few sentences and then done, haha, wishful thinking. Ok on to my review.I expected more, but then that is my problem, I always expect more. This was another sort of UF, a more quiet one (yes in my weird opinion), it was just very British. It was more about solving the crimes, and by doing that experiencing the paranormal world that is around.Peter, a young cop, learns to that there is more to life when he meets DCI Nightingale. Soon he is on the case where strange violent crimes are haunting London. We meet Rivers, ghosts and more. A good tale.But yes I guess I wanted more. I checked the future books and he seems to have a new flirt in each book...a very manly thing to do. Not a fan.Well written, different, but when it comes to grading. It was good, so it gets a 3. Some of my 3 are books I will rush out to buy, some are not. Do not ask me how I grade. Anyway this is not one of those rush out to get more. Maybe I am being nice with the 3 then...hm. Cos at the moment I do not feel to even read more by this author, but I do want that when it comes to 3s. let's downgrade it to 2,5.