Naked in Death (In Death Series #1)

Naked in Death  - J.D. Robb Not the review to write after a long long workday, which also was mostly spent outside, in the strange May heat wave. But I will try to string a few words together.Do I love Roarke now? No, I can't see it. He was all over here, did I get why he found her attractive? Nope. I never saw the passion or felt anything between them. Did I get why she went for him? God no. She was a cop, bad bad call there.But it was not bad. Nope (even if I kept thinking of the show Castle), it was thrilling, suspenseful. I wondered about the killer. I wondered about Eve and Roarke (not that I cared much but still.) It was one of those books that are good, but that I still wont buy more of. It felt like a good one time deal.