The Last Conquest

The Last Conquest - Berwick Coates This book takes place during a few days, leading up to the famous battle where England's fate changed forever.There are two leading POVS, but there are also a lot of other POVS, real and not real historical figures. The two leading POVS are those of Gilbert and Edwin. Gilbert is a young scout in the Duke's army. He is trying to find his place and does not always have it easy. He also wants revenge on a man he does not even know.Then there is Edwin, who takes care of King Harold's hounds. He brings in a few other characters. A Saxon family living near the famous battle grounds. And they will meet the war firsthand. A few hectic days, all while the saxon family that Edwin knows try to live as they always have. The book was interesting, but I also wanted more. I think it would have been better if the story would have focused solely on Edwin and Gilbert. Instead there where lots of POVS as the author wanted to show what happened, as these two were not always nearby to know. And I did like some of those POVS, like Baldwin de Clair. I wanted to know what he did after the war. Actually I wanted to know what everyone did after the war. Instead it ended, we got a few moments as people scattered, but I wanted to see. Now I can only hope they all got happy...well sort of happy.This one is for the historical fiction fans.