Black Lament (Black Wings Series #4)

Black Lament - Christina Henry Wow Madeleine is just crazy kick-ass, she always was but now, ha, kick-ass beyond everything. But that is why she is fun to read about, she rushes into a situation, tries to kill somneone (does kill someone) and often end up mortally wounded. She is not stupid, she is just, let's get this S#┬Ąt done!!And of course after the true evilness! after book 3 I was dying to read this one. Gabriel was killed..killed and I was all wtf?! Not to mention Maddy is preggers and Lucifer could not be happier. But then I like good old Lucifer cos he is so cool and let her deal with all his troubles. But Maddy is trying to come to terms with her loss and she has a lot on her plates. The Agency is pretty tired of her, the fairies is pretty pissed at her and do not forget good old dad who wants to kill her.There will be lots of fighting and good humour. This series is just so easy to read, it's light, while being dark. I do enjoy it